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Polyurethane Pour in Place Foam is a two component liquid material that, when mixed together, will expand to approximately 25 times its volume at 21 deg C. It has a density of 2 lb. per cubic foot and is used to fill cavities and voids, insulation for tanks and holds, and as floatation for docks, etc.
MSDS Sheet

Part no. Size Cost
05001 2 Litre kit 51.30
05002 7.4 Litre kit 168.10
06003 10 Gal. kit. 572.00
98023 400 Litre kit 446.00
05013 7.4 Liter kit(4lb) 204.50
05010 10 Gal kit(4lb) 662.00


CarbonFoam PE is a closed cell rigid cross linked Aromatic polyester foam core, manufactured, using state of the art polymer technology. This new technology allows Carbon-Core Corp. Inc. to offer a new generation structural foam core with outstanding properties of strength, resilience and cost effectiveness as compared to available PVC foam cores.
CarbonFoam PE maintains its dimensional stability and mechanical properties at elevated temperatures that current PVC or PET foam cores can not match. This is particularly applicable to marine deck and floor areas that are exposed to direct sun generated radiant heat. CarbonFoam PE is non-friable foam core that provides excellent strength-to-weight ratio in sandwich panel and stringer applications. It will not absorb water and is resistant to most solvents and resins.
CarbonFoam PE is available in plain flat sheets or contoured sheets - scored into squares with a scrim cloth backing. 6mm and 12mm Contoured are sheets are all 4' x 4'. 10mm Contoured is scored & scrimmed. 6mm, 10mm Plain is 45" x 90". 12mm,20mm and 25mm Plain sheets are 48" x 96". 12mm Contoured is scrimmed & scored and is 48" x 48" or 48" x 96".

** P = Plain
** C = Contoured
Part no. Size Cost
98200 6mm. P 3.60/sq. ft.
98201 6mm. C 4.75/sq. ft.
98202 10mm. P 4.80/sq. ft.
98203 10mm. C 5.60/sq. ft.
98204 12mm. P 6.05/sq. ft.
98205 12mm. C 6.80/sq. ft.
98208 20mm. P 8.25/sq. ft.
98209 20mm. C 9.15/sq. ft.
98210 25mm. P 9.90/sq. ft.
98211 25mm. C 10.20/sq.ft.


Balsa Core is a light weight, closed cell end grain material with an extremely high strength to weight ratio, high impact and fatigue resistance, excellent flexural, shear and bond strengths, extraordinary resistance to high temperature and fire, superior sound and thermal insulation, and exceptional cost effectiveness, making it especially advantageous for use as a core material in sandwich structures. Balsa Core is available in a 2' x 4' contoured sheet - scored into squares with a scrim cloth backing. Contact us for case pricing.

** 2' x 4' Sheet
Part no. Size Cost
98160 1/4" Sheet 24.35
98161 3/8" Sheet 26.90
98162 1/2" Sheet 33.60
98163 3/4" Sheet 46.45
98164 1" Sheet 60.60


Coremat is a polyester non-woven fiber incorporating a styrene soluble binder and is filled 50% by volume with plastic microshperes. Coremat reduces laminate weight by 18 to 36% over all glass lay-ups. Coremat reduces labor time and costs through easy application, better conformability and faster laminate buildup. It increases laminate stiffness compared to glass laminates of the same weight. Coremat also has high impact resistance and twice the insulation value of all-glass laminates. Coremat is 38" wide and sold by the meter.

Part no. Size Cost
98250 2mm. x 38" 11.75/m
98255 4mm. x 38" 18.60/m


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