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Bald Caps for Vancouver Movie and Stage Productions

Whether you’re impersonating Ebenezer Scrooge, Doctor Evil, Lex Luthor, or another “folicly challenged” character, baldness can form a huge part of your character’s presentation. For actors and those looking to hit a homerun with their Halloween costume, Fiber-Tek offers a number of highly realistic bald caps for Vancouver screen and stage productions. Our bald caps are specially compounded by Davy Theatrical Cosmetic Specialties.

The next time you play a chrome-domed character, consider ordering your bald cap from Fiber-Tek. As experts in uncommon materials, Fiber-Tek has been supplying bald caps to Vancouver movie and stage productions for years. We ship fast and our customer support is among the best in the industry.

To purchase a bald cap, come visit Fiber-Tek on Boundary Road, or give us a call at 604-294-8116.

How to Apply Your Bald Cap

When a bald cap accidentally comes off and reveals a full head of hair, it can really throw the performance into disarray. So, you really want that sucker to stay on! This can be a chore during a stage performance when there are hot lights pointed at you, you will be sweating, and your role may require you to be quite active on the stage.

Preparing the Hair
So let’s get into applying your bald cap. First, you want to create as flat of a surface as possible. For those with long hair, this may include wrapping tufts of hair over the head and using hairspray so it all sits uniformly under the bald cap. Some makeup artists then apply a layer of cotton wool to keep the bald cap looking even and natural.

Putting on Your Bald Cap
Now that your hair is ready, tightly pull the bald cap over your head, taking care that it is perfectly even. Once the bald cap is on, you will want to roll back the edges of the bald cap that are in contact with the skin.

Applying Spirit Gum or Adhesive

Now that you have rolled back the bald cap to reveal the hairline, apply a spirit gum such as Telesis™ to the areas of your forehead where your skin will come into contact with the bald cap. (Don’t worry about areas to the sides of the temples — we’ll get to these later.) After the spirit gum has dried clear, pull the front edges of the bald cap forward so the cap fits tightly over the prepared areas of the skin. Gently press the bald cap onto the adhesive, making sure there are no awkward bumps or waves. You’ll want to do this fast since the adhesive will quickly bond to the bald cap.

Here’s where it gets a bit tricky. To apply the spirit gum or adhesive to the back of the neck, you may want to get some help from a friend or makeup artist. Much like the forehead, you will want to apply your adhesive to areas of the neck where there will be a skin-to-bald cap bond. Don’t worry about the areas behind the ear, we’ll be getting to that soon. Note: Make sure you are sitting completely straight and your eyes are pointing forward; if your head is pointing to the floor when the bald cap is applied it can create some odd-looking wrinkles on the back of the neck once you straighten yourself out. After waiting for the adhesive to dry clear, tightly pull the bald cap down and over your ears (we’ll get to the ears in a second). Gently, but swiftly, rub the back of the neck to ensure the bald cap adheres to the skin.

Ears and Temples
Now for the ears; cut a slit into the bald cap that is roughly an inch below the top tip of your earlobe. This will allow you to wrap the bald cap around the ears. Gently pull up your bald cap near the temple and ear and apply your adhesive (a cotton swab may work best to do this). Try to avoid getting it in your hair because it can be a paint to get out. Once the spirit gum or glue has dried clear, firmly pull the bald cap down (making sure there are no wrinkles to be seen) and gently pat it down so the bald cap adheres to the skin. After conquering the areas in front of the ears and beside the temples, you can essentially repeat the process for those spots behind the ears and the remaining areas of the neck. You will want to apply your spirit gum or adhesive to the crevice where your ear lobe and head join so it doesn’t look like you have weird, dangling skin, or “head gills” in these areas.

That’s a Wrap!
Now your bald cap should be firmly in place — hooray! If there are any edges of the bald cap that appear loose or are flipping up, you can simply apply more adhesive to those areas using a cotton swab. If you are adding prosthetics to your bald cap, you should do so at this time before moving onto the paint or makeup.

Painting Your Bald Cap
While some like using rubber grease mask paints, specialty PAX paints, created by special effects artist Thom Surprenant, can really create a seamless appearance between the bald cap and your natural skin. PAX paints create a great base, are easy to shade, and will stay on your bald cap until it’s time to take it off. There are many tutorials online and on YouTube to help you achieve your desired look.

Removing Your Bald Cap
To remove the adhesive that binds your bald cap to your skin, we recommend Telesis™ Adhesive Remover. This product is as effective as Super Solv, but can be used on individuals with sensitive skin!

Order Bald Caps from Fiber-Tek!

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