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Coast Fiber-Tek Products Ltd is a wholesaler/retailer of a wide range of fiberglass materials and related products. We offer Kevlar, Carbon Fiber , Fiberglass mat, cloth, woven roving, Polyester, Vinylester and Epoxy resin to accompany it. We carry all the materials you will need to do that repair job on your fiberglass boat, or all the materials for fiberglassing that cedar strip canoe or kayak you're thinking of building. We also have all the materials you will need to build your fiberglass sundeck in Vancouver.


Fiberglass boat repair supplies in Vancouver
We also carry silicone molding rubber, urethane casting resins, flexible and rigid urethane expanding foams, urethane molding rubber and a full line of plaster and gypsum cements. We are currently stocking BJB Enterprises flexible urethane foams as well.

Premier Products Inc., Skin Illustrator

We are now stocking Skin Illustrator and the Premier Products line of Makeup. I will be updating the catalog as soon as I can but feel free to contact us if you are looking for a specific product. Click on the logo to view the products.

European Body Art

We are now stocking some of the European Body Art makeup. Call or visit the store to find out what we have.


Ultra Materials

We are stocking Ultra Materials line of Ultra Wet, Ultra Sweat, Ultra Slime, etc.
Call or visit the store to see what we have.

Smooth On
US Gypsum
We are the distributor for Smooth-On and US GYPSUM. We stock a large variety of their products. We have updated our catalog to reflect the Smooth-On Products. Click here to see why silicone is a great moldmaking material to use for a wide variety of projects. Click on the logos above to see the catalog.
PTM Transfer Paper 3rd Degree
We now stock P.T.M. Prosthetic Trransfer Paper in a variety of sizes as well as 3rd Degree Silicone for makeup effects. Please contact us for which products we have in stock or for more information on these products.
Michael Davy Bald Caps Mehron Spirit Gum, Bald Caps & Blood

We also carry the Michael Davy Plastic Bald Caps and Watermelon Bald Caps. From Mehron we also have Spirit Gum, Corn Syrup blood as well as Blood Slabs. Please contact us for which products we have in stock or for more information on these products.

Cinema Secrets
We are stocking Cinema Secrets Brush cleaner, some makeup brushes, makeup as well as their line of Bald caps and Woochie Foam Latex appliances. Please contact us for which products we have in stock or for more information on these products.

We have just started stocking Worbla. Click on the logo to go to the catalog. Worbla
Sculpting Clays
We are also stocking Chavant Clays, J-Mac Classic Clay and some Monster Makers Foam, Clay and Prosaide. Click on the images and go to the catalog to see what we carry. The Monster Makers

Fuse F/X Platinum Silicone Paint
We are stocking the Fuse F/X Line of Platinum Silicone Paint. Click the link above to go to the Fuse F/X website to see the variety of paints and How To Videos and instructions.

We have started stocking the Econodek Vinyl decking materials. Click here for information and installation instructions. Econodek Vinyl Decking
Our staff together has over 40 years experience in the fiberglass industry. From general knowledge to application procedures to building fiberglass molds, so feel free to pick our brains with any questions you might have on working with our products. We are always updating our web site with new products and information. Bookmark us now and check back often. If you do not see what you are looking for please email us and we will try to find it for you.
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